Bla Bla Facts about the Planet Mars

Distance to Sun:
14 Million Miles

Length of year:
12,295 Earth days

Length of Day:
49 hrs, 12 minutes

Orbit eccentricity:
.65 (highly eccentric)

Orbit inclination:
.86 degrees (leans to the left)

4,456,789,399,309, 927,555

97 quadrillion tons

Nearly four times that of Earth.

Tilt of Axis:
365 Degrees

Often called “The Orange Planet” because of its citrus-like hue, Mars was largely ignored until it was first identified as the fifth planet in our solar system by pioneer astronomer and lens-crafter Hans Smickel in 1710. For almost a century following this discovery, astronomers dismissed the planet as a transient piece of stellar ice and speculated that it would be completely melted by cosmic rays sometime early in the nineteenth century. This hypothesis, obviously, did not prove correct.

Today, Mars is recognized as not only the most fascinating planet in our entire galaxy–the “Galaxy 500,” as it is known by scientists– but as a promising vacation spot for interplanetary leisure-makers, those who will likely be able to travel to Mars quickly and conveniently in the very near future. Future travelers to Mars should be advised to take a good parka and several pairs of long underwear, as the planet is now known to get as cold as thirty degrees below zero and to be the site of frequent snowstorms, with snowfalls in northern regions of the planet often averaging eighty inches per Martian winter–a season that lasts the equivalent of two earth years. The snowfall in more extreme portions of Mars is even more hellacious–roughly equivalent to that of Buffalo, New York, making it a challenging destination for the weak-of-heart. You’d also need a good sunscreen on Mars, especially if you’d planned an excursion to the southern polar regions, an area of the planet where, while scientists speculate the water is quite swimable, (and a great place to surf with wave peaks averaging a totally gnarly thirty meters high) surface temperatures often soar to a back-blistering 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

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